Buying Local Wisconsin

Burger House 41
is committed to serving Wisconsin’s finest products and locally sourced produce to create outstanding Wisconsin flavors.  We invite you to savor those flavors daily as we are open at 11:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m.  Taste Wisconsin. Taste Amazing.


Premium Meats
Our exclusive burger recipe was created by an expert team of UW-Madison’s Meat & Food Science graduate and undergrad students. The secret recipe uses a variety of premium fresh Angus beef cuts creating a tastier, juicier burger.  We carefully hand-patty each burger, season and grill to order.  Our meat is delivered locally from Melotte’s providing us the freshest possible 100% Angus beef for our burgers.

Cheese Curds, Brats, Chicken & More
Many flavorful cheeses top our burgers and we know Wisconsin produces the best, so that’s the only cheese we use! Even our Cheese Curds are made in Wisconsin.  The White Cheddar Curds are made in Two Rivers with the cheese produced there as well. Our Crispy Chicken Breast and Chicken Tenders are from family-owned Brakebush Bothers who are located in Westfield, Wisconsin.  A great burger deserves a great bun and we are pleased to serve Johnston Bakery’s Sheboygan Style Hard Roll. Sheboygan is also home to our Brat. Whether you enjoy a Brat & Kraut or our Tailgate Stack, we only grill up Johnsonville bratwursts at Burger House 41.


Wisconsin Craft Beers
There has been a history of brewing beer in Wisconsin since the 1830’s and we are proud to serve a variety of the States’ finest Craft Beers. We offer three draft beers, rotating with the seasons & homemade root beer on tap; available by the pint or growler. We also serve a variety of Wisconsin’s finest Craft bottle beers.  Our current beer menu represents Green Bay’s Hinterland, Stillmank, Badger State and Titletown Brewing Companies along with New Glarus Brewing, Door County Brewing, Lakefront Brewery, Steven’s Point Brewery, Leinenkugel’s, Wisconsin Brewing and Capital Brewery.  We have a great mix of Pale & Red Ales, Wheat Ales, Lagers, IPA’s, Ambers, Porters and Stouts, for a total of 15 different Wisconsin Craft Beers.  We also offer a small selection of domestic choices which includes Wisconsin’s own PBR and Miller Lite.


Gourmet Frozen Custard
We specialize in the art of Frozen Custard. Artisan small-batches are slowly churned to create the creamiest and smoothest frozen custard.  Each batch is crafted fresh daily using only the finest Wisconsin Dairy.  We feature a “Flavor of the Day” along with Vanilla, Chocolate and Swirl. Experience luscious milkshakes, malts, sundaes, cookie sandwiches and thick avalanches.  Our custard is also available to take home by the pint or quart.